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RScP, RN, MSN, Ph.D.

Dr. Scheherazade Taylor is a PhD prepared registered nurse who has practiced psychiatric nursing and nursing administration, substance abuse counseling, and adolescent and child psychiatric nursing.  She is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, Health Care Professional, Doctor of Nursing science, Intuitive Reader, and Healing Arts Practitioner.  Dr. Taylor is committed to quality customer service and spiritual caring for your spiritual support and growth.

Contact Dr. Taylor for phone readings and spiritual guidance sessions.

Dr. Taylor is a health care professional with a wealth of experience in the health care field. Scheherazade is also a Professional Science of Mind Practitioner. She provides Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Spiritual mind Treatment:

  1. assists individuals in making changes in their lives by making changes in their consciousness
  2. is based on the fundamental law of the Universe that all true and lasting changes take place as a result of a change in consciousness
  3. assists the individual in adopting new beliefs, perspectives and attitudes

The Professional Practitioner’s purpose is to foster a deepening awareness of a loving presence and inner peace among all who call upon us for support.  Working with a Professional Practitioner can help you work through situations and learn how to sustain results.  Sometimes a person is too close to a situation to arrive at an objective viewpoint. 

An individual spiritual counseling session with Scheherazade can help you understand your challenge and its possible cause.  It can also be an opportunity to receive support to expand and increase good experiences in life that are already present.  Scheherazade is  available on a professional fee basis for individual spiritual counseling and affirmative prayer. 

Scheherazade brings her education, work, and life experiences to individuals and couples  by expanding services in the areas of healthy life styles, spiritual healing, readings, and other treatments for the mind, body and your spiritual growth and health.

Scheherazade is also the  owner of:


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